Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brigham Graduates to Bear

At our last Pack meeting, (which is, incidentally, only the 2nd Pack Meeting Brigham has ever been to as a Scout himself), our Briggie was awarded his Wolf badge. It signifies that he has completed all the requirements needed to advance in rank in Cub Scouts from a lowly Bobcat to a slightly-less-lowly a great, big 9-year-old Bear.

The Pack Meeting was about "Compassion", and the activities revolved around learning about what people with disabilities must overcome to navigate life.

There were some clever games...which the boys all took as fun...but hopefully taught them a lesson to be appreciative of their gifts.

Learning to navigate as if blind...

They had to sort change with big gloves, and tie their shoes with their hands taped together...

How about "Simon Says" with ear plugs and goggles covered in vaseline?
At the end, Brig had to prove he was a true Wolf by eating a plate of raw meat (turkey lunch meat) without his hands.

Go Brigham!!
It was a fun night...and we're very proud of Brig reaching this milestone in his Cub Scouting journey...

And now...ON TO BEARS!!

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