Friday, March 25, 2011

Mad Scienctist

One of the reasons her project won was because of it's well-designed presentation

Savannah was very excited to win a First Place ribbon at her Science Fair this year. Her project was called Bubble-ology...and it determined whether or not adding different ingredients, like corn syrup or glycerin, improved the longevity of bubbles...or if the simple soap and water solution that we've all come to know and love is best.

It was a very simple project, so I'm genuinely pleased that she won.

The coveted ribbon...

Savannah always participates, and is always awarded a very nice "Participation" certificate...which I think is great. But she wanted a ribbon.

I'm glad she finally got her wish!!

So happy and proud!!

Now it's on to the district Science fair to represent her school!!!

Congratulations, Savvy Jane!!

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Christine said...

Good job Savvy, we are rooting for the district title-:)