Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have not blogged in WEEKS. I'm taking a break...focusing on other Facebook!!

Just kidding.


But blogging isn't the only thing I'm abstaining from. I'm also not eating junk food, and cutting back on carbs, all in a desperate effort to lose weight.

I've had some success. And some disappointment (such as an unfortunate incident with a very untruthful scale at my gym)...but all in all...I guess I feel better about myself and although I've slowed down on the weight loss (too soon!! Too soon!!), I am still making steady progress.

So - if I don't blog a lot...I'm sorry. Maybe soon I'll post pictures of what I look like. I took some a couple weeks ago - but I wasn't brave enough to post them anywhere...cause I still look HUGE...even though I've lost 47 pounds.

So - it's not that I don't love ya...I'm just practicing abstinence.

So there...