Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yummy...because it has to be...

This is all I have consumed for 12 days. Glasses of this diarrhea colored liquid.

I wake up in the morning and have a couple glasses of distilled water.

When I get home from driving kids around, I have 4 cups distilled water mixed with 2 teaspoons sea salt. Not very pleasant...the only way to get it all down is to CHUG. I chase that with another glass of distilled water. About 30 minutes later...I have nothing left in my system.

Then I drink nothing but distilled water until 12noon when I drink my first glass of this. By then, I'm actually hungry for it. In the beginning, it was hard to drink...but now after 12 days...I know it's all I get and I can't wait to drink it.

What is this? Well...THIS is a mixture of distilled water, fresh organic lemon juice, Grade B Pure Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper.

How pathetic my life has become, huh?

I drink about 7 glasses of this a day...more if I'm hungrier. It's about a 12 oz. glass an hour until about 7pm when I get ready for bed. Every two glasses or so, I have another full glass of distilled water.

I have another glass of distilled water before bed...and then I go to sleep.

And I dream ALL NIGHT about eating.

Sometimes it's a pleasant dream, where I'm eating all the good things I love...

Sometimes I'm eating and I can't stop, and I'm panicking at the amount of food I'm consuming and at the same time, relishing the flavors...

And sometimes I dream that I ate something and I am FREAKING OUT because I'm supposed to be on this Master Cleanse diet and now I've ruined it and I might DIE!!!

Then I wake up at 5:30am and start the whole thing over again.

Did I mention this is my 12th day doing it?

People ask if it's worth it.

I honestly don't know. I refuse to weigh myself, so I can't for sure say if I've lost weight, although I think I have.

I told you already that I've suffered pretty bad depression on it. I know most people are incredibly sick in the beginning, usually the first four days or so, and then are supposed to have this increased energy for the rest of the time. I was NOT sick in the beginning, only uncomfortable from lack of food, and have NOT had an increase in energy. But I'm not lethargic either...I just don't feel like banging out push-ups all day. And I'm depressed.

I've never heard of anyone being depressed on I guess that makes me all kinds of special.

I also have a REALLY hard time keeping warm. It's been 80 degrees all week, and I'm in long pants, a Cubs sweatshirt, a beanie, and wool socks. And I'm always wrapped in a blanket.

However...I DO feel more focused. I don't talk as much, I spend more time in quiet reflection. I am more engaged with the important things...I find I have less interest in all the shiny distractions that normally detract from my daily productivity. Of course, that all might be a result of my body conserving energy to simply keep me alive...but it's still a rather nice change.

On the other hand, I may not have weighed myself...but this is a pic of me. Not very special...unless you know that these are my 16-year-old daughters jeans I'm wearing :)

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