Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creativity?...or Insanity?

What you are seeing is a creature...a creature created by my oldest son, Joseph.

I stumbled upon this creature and his fellows when I went on my weekly hunt for "What Is That Smell?" in my house.

That hunt always ends up in my boys room.

And it is never a pleasant discovery.

However...upon this trip...I found this room occupied by creatures of clay fashioned from my sons imagination. They were all actively engaged in scaling a tower he had built from his Marble Mania set...

This one had a tail.

And an eye.

And very sharp hands.

So that's where my toothpicks disappeared to...

My favorite was THIS creature...although I was less thrilled to see that he was sporting one of my frosting tips as a hand...because that clay is NEVER coming out...

I knew Joseph had some strange, demented story going on...and I had no idea what it was...but I was impressed by his use of a ball of clay and random household items (never mind that they were MINE...and they were pilfered...and in some cases, as in the broken clothespin and frosting tip...now un-useable)...

He's quite a creative little dude...if not a bit strange.

The next day he came down with the whole huge ball of clay, mushing it thoughtfully over and over again in his hands.

"How's your story going up there?" I asked.

He looked up rather startled...I had evidently interrupted some very deep thoughts.

"Oh," he answered, rather distracted, "They couldn't defeat the OverLord, so they had to merge into one giant ball and combine forces."

And then he just walked away, mushing his clay and humming softly to himself.


Until next time and a new episode of "Creativity?...or Insanity?"


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