Sunday, February 13, 2011

Masquerade Ball!!

Ready to PAR-TAY!!!

I got the chance to attend a Girl Scout Masquerade Ball with my girls last night.

And I don't just mean my "Girl Scout girls"...I mean MY the biological sense.

Now that Nicolette is an official Daisy Scout, I get to attend some activities with BOTH my daughters. Sure...sometimes we split up if age is an issue...but I really relish the times I get to be with both.

I really love being able to spend time with both my little ladies. And I also really love eliminating the whine factor every time I take off on a GS activity and Nicolette wants to goooooooooo...

Last night was one of those times, were we all got to dress up in our Mardi Gras favorites and dance the night away.

The Daisies learn the Macarena!!

There was pizza and pasta and cake (of which I had was my last day on Master Cleanse...a- whole-NOTHER reason to celebrate!!!), a DJ spinning tunes all night long...

C'mon Daisies...let the big girls show you how it's done... with the troops...and PRIZES (Savannah won a $15 gift card to Justice, which she can use at Mall Madness in a couple weeks!!).

Kat and Savvy show their FUN-KAY side...

We had a GREAT time...but in typical Johnson (or should I say "Shannan"?) fashion...there was a hiccup...I had bought this luxurious feather boa to go with my mask and outfit...and I was stroking it and playing with it all night. About halfway through the night, I looked down, and my hands were BLUE!!!

Uhhhh...Blue Woman Group, perhaps?

The dye had apparently worn off the boa and onto my hands AND the back of my neck!! After SEVERAL washings, it STILL wouldn't come off.

As I sit here typing this the morning after with blue hands, I can't help feel rather disappointed. I had hoped to use the boa in my Valentines Night ensemble I had especially picked out for Jason...

...but unless he's into Smurfs, I just don't think it's gonna work...

Blue in Florida,

Karen and I at the Masquerade Ball!!

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