Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ren Fest 2010

One of my favorite times of year is the annual Renaissance Festival here in South Florida. My girls and I go every year...and we always have a marvelous time. They have a fantastic Patch Program that allows the girls to get in for free and earn a patch by completing certain projects and talking to the different characters portrayed at the Faire. We learn a lot, it's always different, and there is plenty to see and do.

This year, some of my girls even dressed up. Next year...I am totally dressing up, too...I promise!!

Look at these shoes!! In Renaissance was fashionable for woman to be very tall...taller than men they wore these ridiculously high shoes. All I can say is...more power to them...

We NEVER miss the joust...this year we were cheering for Spain!!! The girls liked his long hair...although I preferred the English knights horse...

It's Robin Hood!! What kind of Festival would be complete without Robin and his Merry Men?
We saw parades and shows, witnessed displays of black muskets, cannons, and the dreaded trebuchet, and of course, shopped our hearts out for fairy dust, elf ears, fox tails, wooden swords, and sparkly dragon claws.
And during all that, we earned our patch!!
I'm such a closet nerd...I just LOVE the Festival. I'm so glad I'm a Girl Scout Troop Leader so I can indulge in my kookiness under the guise that I'm doing it for the educational benefits it provides my troop.
Some day, though, I'm sure they'll see through me. Hopefully by then, they"ll be just as geeky about it as me...

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