Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Going To Cry (But Someone Else Is Going to Eat)...

My computer is (once again) at Best Buy.

I HATE Best Buy. Have you noticed that the Geek Squad pictures posted above their (falsely-named) "Service Desk" show the Geek Squad hanging around a table with coffee, or laughing in the break room. When I first saw those pictures, I thought it was an advertising attempt to help the IT guys look less "geek-y", and more like everyday Joe's.

Now I realize it's just an accurate representation of what they do all day.

They have the WORST customer service EVER...and I am MORE than frustrated about losing my computer. I I am on the brink of another week where I'm supposed to start Summer School...and my computer is GONE. I even missed the announcing of the winner of my Grand Lux Cafe Giveaway!!

By the generated the number "10" as the winner...and the 10th comment is a Ms. Laura Harvey!! Congratulations Laura!!! Her comment said:

"I'm a follower too!"

(And don't worry about the 48 hour thing...since MY COMPUTER fudged the're off the hook about responding that fast).

Keep posted for next months'll be beautiful (or at least help you FEEL beautiful!!)

Anyway - I have lots more to post about...but since I've hijacked a friends computer to even do THIS MUCH, I'm going to have to wait and pray that mine is returned to me SOON!!!!

Love you guys!!

And Congratulations, Laura!!!

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Dave said...

Nothing sucks more then when the goes out!