Monday, June 29, 2009

Josephs Arrow of Light

Joseph got his Arrow of Light on Wednesday!! We are SO PROUD!!

But I can tell you that we had a lot of was kooky and corny like all Pack Meetings should be. The theme was "A-Camping We Will Go", and the kids and I got to the church early to set up all our tents and camping supplies to make the church look like a real campground. We even built a "bear cave" and filled it with teddy bears, and made fake "waterfalls" over all the doors.

After Pack Meeting, we had Joseph Court of Honor and Arrow of Light ceremony. I told a story about how a Cub Scout is like an acorn...he starts off small and simple...but with great potential. as he grows with Scouting, he becomes strong, dependable, valuable, and helpful...and soon, as he continues to grow in Scouting, he will reach beyond the forest trees and soar with the Eagles (I got choked up at that part and had to pause). Then we awarded him his Arrow of Light.
Then...he changed from his Cub Scout blue uniform shirt to his Boy Scout khaki uniform...

We also made a really cool shadowbox of patches and belt loops to display, and a banner to display his "fun" patches and awards.

This is a close-up of the shadowbox (sorry about the glare...)
And this is the shadowbox WITH the Arrow of Light (above)....

And these are all the "fun" patches that he earned that we put on the banner. Pretty cool, huh?

And to a new adventure...Boy Scouts!!!

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