Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Josephs 11th Birthday

Okay - after all that Mommy Meltdown...I decided to keep it cool for the post about Josephs birthday. I mean - how much reminicing can a group of readers take, anyway?

For Josephs birthday...we had a pool party at our community's pool. We invited several kids for a few hours of swimming and pizza...but it seemed that the weather was not going to let us follow through with our plans. It had been raining for days with no sign of stopping...and not the misty pitter-patter rain of the West Coast, or even the thunderous drenching rain of the Midwest. Nope - this was big, fat, tropical raindrops the size of quarters that were hotter than the air around you, and black booming crashing clouds and wild zig-zags of forked lightening splitting the air between heaven and earth. This was Jungle Rain.

So I ran out and bought TONS of streamers and balloons and decorated the house in the very likely event that we would NOT be able to celebrate at the pool.

But lo and behold...around 4pm, the clouds parted, and the rain ceased, and the sun shone down...and by party time, it was a BEAUTIFUL day with nary a cloud in sight and a cool ocean tradewind keeping the oppressive humidity at bay. It was a miracle.

Joseph had a great turn-out...and everyone loved the weather, swimming, the weather, pizza, popsicles, did I mention the weather?
And my decorations were wasted. BUT THAT'S OKAY!!! I'll take the trade!!

And he has some VERY generous friends...and got some really great Legos Star Wars for the Wii, and a super cool Nerf target shooting game,

...not to mention his new uniform for Scouts (he's no longer a Cub Scout),

...and his VERY OWN CELL PHONE (from Mom and Dad, of course)!!!!

(I know - we're crazy. But he's going SO FAR AWAY to attend his magnet School next year that I just felt safer knowing he can reach me at anytime...anywhere.)

It was a GREAT DAY!!

Happy Birthday, Joseph!!

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