Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Skills, New Gadgets, and New Sites

Hey...check it out!! I have NEW STUFF on my blog!! A really cool Nav Bar at the top that will take you to my other sites... The Jungle Food Chain, and my newest baby...Summer School Safari.

Yes - that's right...thanks to my good friend, Melodee Cooper, my newest blog site is up and running, and she's the one who installed the super cool Nav Bars at the top of my pages to connect all my blogs together!! She also taught me how to (properly) use the hyperlink feature...which will be a relief to everyone, I'm sure.

Especially after I get tired of playing with it and linking stuff all over the Internet.

I can't help my enthusiasm! I feel so COMPUTER SAVVY right now!!

Anyway - please feel free to play around and see what's happen all over our Jungle. And don't worry - the Summer School Safari site may be a little empty now...but as summer approaches, I'll post all our plans and adventures right there for the whole world to see.

Love you guys!!

I'm gonna go play and link and explore and generally waste valuable time now...

1 comment:

Mel said...

It looks great, and it's a pleasure to help out. (I already have your undying gratitude and now I have not one, but 2, personal shout-outs. What more could I ask???) I look forward to the summer (as if the weather's not telling me it's already here) for more summer school ideas. I'm also inspired to do a watered down version for Kyle. Maybe I'll try to follow the church nursery lessons?