Friday, April 3, 2009

General Conference Packet

photo copyright Doug Merrill, 2006

I LOVE these packets...they are AWESOME for keeping kids entertained and engaged for General Conference.

My dear friend Courtney over at The Milius Bunch gets a cute one from a lady who is in her ward!!. Feel free to click the link and use...

April Conference Packet

And Melanie over at Sugardoodle has posted Jennifer Lund's ULTIMATE Conference packet (in THREE sections!!). In section one, you need to print 5-6 copies of page 8 to accomodate ALL the speakers, and she recommends adding sleeves to the ties for when Sisters speak. The second section is stickers and is quite large and takes a while to please be patient. Just click the links below and have a 3-ring binder ready!!

ULTIMATE General Conference Packet Section One

ULTIMATE General Conference Packet Section Two (stickers)

ULTIMATE General Conference Packet Section Three (Word Tally)

She also has a really cute "Reverence Tent" idea, which might be fun to try, too!!

Oh - and PS - be sure to check out my recipe site, the Jungle Food Chain, on Sunday to get the BEST EVER Conference cooks WHILE YOU'RE AT CONFERENCE (and it's not one of your mother's soggy crock pot dinners, either...)

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Courtney said...

Thanks Shannan...I like the one from sugardoodle (section 1) for my younger kiddos! Enjoy Conference!