Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Sunburn of the Season

But,'s not NEARLY as bad as Jasons'. That's because Jason thinks that just because he has the ABILITY to tan, that he will tan and not burn.

Silly Jason.

He'll be stiff and sore tonight!

We had a great First Day of Spring Break by visiting Red Rock Reef in Boca Raton to do some snorkeling. Unfortunately, we got there at low tide, so the snorkeling wasn't as good as it COULD have been . That, and a "cold front" is coming in tonight (it's gonna drop us all the way down to 70 degrees!! Brrr!!), and so it was pretty windy and the water was very choppy for South Florida (2 foot swells).

It got worse as the day wore on, and a bigger set of waves, almost 4-footers, came rolling in. We had gone with our friends, The Rosales family, and the waves pinned Jessica to the rocks. She managed to pull herself up on the rocks to save her life BEFORE the (totally hot and buff)lifeguard got to her, but was pretty banged up and VERY scared. After that, we headed home...

But it was STILL a very nice day at the beach!!

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