Friday, November 21, 2008

My Twilight Movie Review

So - my daughter and I saw the 12:01am showing of Twilight with a theatre full of screaming teenagers this morning. In some ways, it made the experience more fun. And in others, it made it annoying...and probably colored my view of the movie. But no matter the surrounding audience, I am a HUGE Twilight I thought I should give my very un-professional opinion.

First off, I had no expectations. I fully comprehend the difficulty of condensing a book, ANY BOOK, especially a 500-page book, into a 2-hour movie. I also had no issues with the casting, unlike some fans who either seriously need their eyes checked (Rob Pattinson looks like a gargoyle? Are you SERIOUS?!?!?), or just need a life. I was there just to be a cool mom, and see something I love on paper come to life visually. That being said...

I thought it was good. You could totally see Catherine Hardwickes directorial style through-out (if you don't know, rent "Thirteen"), and it gave the film a more gritty feel than the books, which I approved of. I thought Rob Pattinson COMPLETELY embodied Edward...everyone went on and on about how he didn't smile enough in the movie...but I thought he did great (one of my favorite scenes was when he drives Bella to school for the first time, and everyone is staring, and he is totally ALL smiles. It's a short scene - but I was rolling, and sighing, and when he put his arm around her shoulders, I actually swooned. Yes, me...and old lady). Kristen Stewart was AWESOME as Bella.

Some people were all put-out because they thought the special effects were cheesy. I didn't think so - it fit the overall style of the movie. But hey - it WAS low-budget (as far as films go) if you think that, go flood the box office so they can make enough $$ to get the special effects right for the sequels!!

I heard a lot of reviews that the movie made you laugh at all the wrong moments, like when Bella did this fantastic fall on ice, or when Charlie (Bella's dad) was drinking a beer. But I don't think it was inappropriate to, Bella's clumsiness IS funny (even Edward thinks so), and two, we all know how the movie laughing at some of the serious parts (like Edwards tortured face in Biology) is because we KNOW why he's holding his nose and we KNOW it's gonna be okay...its almost a RELIEF to see it accurately portrayed. But I DID honestly laugh inappropriately at one point, but I'm not sure if it was a reaction to everyone else laughing or not...when Edward has to save Bella by sucking the vampire venom from her arm, and doesn't think he can came off a little overdone...but, I might just have been reacting to mob mentality (when I see it again with my husband and ADULTS, I think I might react differently).

The audience was WILDLY enthusiastic at the premiere showing...before the movie we even had a "Tastes Great, Less Filling" stand-off between Team Jacob and Team Edward. (Insert: Taylor Lautner is so cute...and the last scene with him at the prom, with Edwards comment to Bella about his appearance, although portrayed differently in the book, were golden). They cheered enthusiastically at every appearance of a major character, sighed and wolf-called at every sexy moment, and the gorgeous Jamaican guy next to me with his date just kept repeating: "You's gots to be kiddin' me" ...I asked him if he was upset about the audience reaction or the competition, and he said: "The competition! How can'd I compete wit dat?", while his date swooned into his shoulder.

Yeah - sorry, mon. You's gots no prayer. Edward is in a league of his own.

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Mel said...

I guess I will have to see it, if only to contribute to the cause for a bigger budget for the next one. Let me know if there's ever a coordinated time for all the "girls" from the ward to go!