Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Update

I am a glutton for punishment...

I went to see Twilight AGAIN with my hubby today...we hit the earliest showing at the smallest theatre and were rewarded by having to share the space with only 5 other people...all adults. Thankfully, I found that it improved my viewing experience IMMENSELY...without the giggling girls, I didn't miss any dialogue, and I didn't laugh hysterically at non-funny moments.

I WAS overly conscious to my husbands reaction...he's never read the books, but he's heard all the drama, and has perfected his very patronizing eye-roll at the mention of anything Twilight-ish. So I was surprised that he ENJOYED the film. Not Oscar-worthy, but not a waste of 2 hours of time for him (the fact that I was massaging his thigh and running my fingers through his hair probably didn't hurt, either). So - I am excited all over again.

And there is good news...after a whooping weekend at the box office, Summit announced it will start working on the sequel, New Moon, IMMEDIATELY (yeah!!!). But with good news, there is always bad...SAG (the Screen Actors Guild Union) looks as if it is going to order a strike, and if the actors strike, there will be NO FILMING of ANYTHING until it is resolved. We all know what the Writers Strike did for TV and movies...lets hope they can find a solve. And not just for the films we're looking forward to seeing...I have friends who work in Hollywood...(I am Southern Californian, after all)...and another strike would be devastating for friends who are producers, music producers, set designers, and various other Hollywood-insiders who suffered greatly from the Writers Strike. Prayers all around, people!!!

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