Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memorial Day Fun!!

This past Memorial Day, we did something we never do...we went to the beach.

As you know, we are BIG TIME beach fans...but we tend to stay clear of days and times that the beaches are crowded...preferring them to empty and all "ours".

But we decided to break tradition and head up to John U. Lloyd State Beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Jason (miraculously) had the day off, and we thought it would be a fun family day. We figured if we went early enough, we could beat the crowds.

John U. Lloyd is typically a very empty and quiet beach...and we arrived shortly after the gates opened, but there were already several families there (and some had even started grilling!!). wasn't we decided to stick it out...claim some sand, and have some fun.

The red and purple flags were up, so we had the kids stay in water that was only waist deep...and they really had a blast playing in the waves, which are an extremely rare treat in our neck of the woods.

That is, if you can call 2 foot swells "waves"...

When they got tired of rolling and tumbling and being dragged around by the undertow, they constructed oversized sand forts and in honor of Memorial Day, they had a "war"...

All the while, Dad and I "observed". We were asked a couple times to go out in the water, but frankly, we were very content to lounge in our chairs and watch our kids have a good time.

We stayed a couple hours...leaving when the kids got hungry (because SOMEONE forgot to load the names, but he looks really hot in Aviators, so I forgave him), and by time we left, there was a line at the beach gate that stretched on for almost three miles...even up to the freeway off ramp.


I'd say our timing was just right.

The rest of the day was spent watching patriotic movies, grilling brats and burgers, and playing a couple rousing games of SCUM... was a perfect, wonderful, relaxing day.

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