Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kaitlyns 17th Birthday

I have been so busy writing about Spain that I have not been able to keep up with the everyday family stuff...and now I am going to play catch-up with that.

The first big family event that I need to go back to is Kaitlyns 17th birthday. Kaitlyn actually had her birthday WHILE we were in Spain. I know, I know...bad parents...we missed it to go overseas.

But actually, Kaitlyn was okay with us missing her birthday...that is, as long as we brought her back a REALLY nice present.

When we returned (and after we showered her with a large book highlighting the art collection in the Prado and a beautiful pair of damascene earrings from Toledo), we celebrated her birthday.

Since this year is a "family outing" year and NOT a "birthday party" year...Kaitlyn chose to spend her birthday at the beach. So we packed up some extra nice beach food and headed for the sun and sand.

We took Papa and Yaya, Kate's boyfriend Pedro, and our neighbors, the Charrons, and headed to one of our favorite South Florida beaches, Haulover Beach in Miami.

The kids played in the sand and water...and Brigham (as usual) dug himself a hole to be buried in. But this time, Brigham did not take into account that Papa was at the beach, too...and...

...well, I'll let the pictures tell the story... much for best-laid plans...especially when there is a 69-year-old KID at the beach...

After the beach, we headed home for cake. Pedro took Kaitlyn to a salon for her birthday to get her hair you get to see her short and super-cute new "do"...

After cake, we gave gifts...and as if the presents from Spain weren't enough, we gave her some new make-up, and Yaya and Papa gave her a gift certificate to Charming Charlies...but the main event was a much-needed and desired brand-new cell phone!!

This birthday has been kinda hard for me...I cannot believe that my first-born baby is already 17 years old. It's even wierder when I consider that I was just 17 years old when I had her.

I just cannot imagine being pregnant at that age.

I don't even want to THINK about Kate being in that situation.

So Kate is now half as old as I am. I won't be half as old as my mother for another 14 months.

The world is a very strange place.

I actually shouldn't worry about that...because Kaitlyn is NOTHING like I was at her age. She's motivated, driven, and smart. I'm not saying that she's immune to the pitfalls of youth...but she's got a big world in front of her...she'll be a senior at Miramar High School. She's been voted as Vice President of COTA (the Drama and Arts Club on campus), as well as the Music Head. She's still on the Homecoming Committee. She has been invited to join Varsity and Show Choir. She's already taken her SAT's, and takes her ACT's later in June. She got a part-time job at our local frozen yogurt stop that she starts in a week. She is still working with the non-profit organization she started, Pads for Paws...which makes special washable pads for the bottoms of cages in animal shelters. She applies for college in the fall.

She'll be all grown up in no time. And she seems to be holding it all together just magnificently.

Hold on, please...I have to go cry...

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