Friday, June 10, 2011

Kaitlyn Receives Her Young Womans Medallion

Like most religions, ours has a program for our youth. It's divided by gender...Young Womans and Young Men, and then further divided by age. As a Young Woman, you start at 12 years old as a "Beehive". Then at 14, you advance to "Mia Maid". And then at 16, you become a "Laurel". At 18, you join the woman's organization in the church, the Relief Society.

In the Young Womans program, their is an advancement program called Personal Progress. Young Women complete several different goals at all age levels based on the Young Woman values: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue.

Some goals are simple, short-term goals, while others are long term...and all involve projects in exploring one's own relationship with their Father in Heaven, the Gospel, and the Young Woman Values.If you complete the program and meet all your goals, with the approval of your Young Womans leader and your Bishop, you can be awarded the Young Womans Medallion.

Kaitlyn has been progressively working on her Personal Progress...and she completed her goals several months ago. Since she had promised her Papa that she would complete it, she felt it was only fitting that she be awarded the medallion while they were here to visit.

So on the Sunday after her Birthday Beach Day, she was called up in front of the church and awarded her Young Womans Medallion.

We are all very proud of Kaitlyns achievement, and her willingness to work and stick with these goals, the program, and the gospel.

Papa and Yaya were especially proud...and honored to be able to witness this special day...

We're extremely proud of Kaitlyn, as well...

It's very pretty...she opted to get it in silver...and it has the three symbols of the three levels of Young Womans...the Beehive, the Rose for Mia Maids, and the Laurel wreath...all highlighting the next and ultimate goal...being able to go to the Temple.

We are building a new Temple here is South Florida...quite literally in walking distance to our house. The ground-breaking is next weekend, and in a couple years, it should be finished.

Perhaps Kaitlyn will visit THAT temple when it is done?

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