Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gearing Up To Go...

I know, I know...

I just posted something...

...but I can't help it!! My trip is just a few days away and I am SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED!!!

And today, we received our departure packet from The Cheesecake Factory...and it came with GIFTS!!

I just love all the special treatment involved with earning these trips. And I'm not even the one that earns and deserves them...it's really all about Jason...but he still let's me get all giddy and goofy over it all.

First is this cute little travel bag. Maybe we can call it a "European Shoulder Bag" (after all...it WAS a gift!!) or better yet...a satchel!! (Hey...Indiana Jones carries one!!)

Then there is this little portfolio that keeps all our travel info...complete with 2011 Presidents Circle logo...

Inside are our plane tickets, maps, travel guides, hotel brochures, itineraries, and, of course, our extra-special luggage tags!!

And last, but certainly not least...a super cool electrical converter...which would be SO MUCH COOLER if I hadn't just purchased one LAST NIGHT!!!

Oh, you can bet I'm hunting down that receipt!!

So that's it...all our stuff!!

Now if I can just survive the next 8 days without exploding into spontaneous flamenco...we'll be good!!


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