Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Iron Chef Pembroke Pines: March 2011 - Potatoes!!

I Love Iron Chef...but every time I hostess, everyone backs out.

Maybe I smell.

Maybe my cooking is absolutely atrocious.

Well...whatever the reason, we had a very small and intimate Iron Chef this month. And in a lot of ways, it was a lot of fun...because it meant we got to spend more time chatting and not trying to be heard over a gaggle of women and kids. And we had a REALLY good time.

Angel and Rose share stories...don't you love my polished-off plate in the picture?

The secret ingredient was honor of it being:

a) Winter...and nothing warms you up like potatoes (although in Florida...we don't really HAVE winter...but still...)

b) St. Patty's Day...and I am an Irish/Scottish lass.

There were only 4 entries...but they were all REALLY good...

I made Shepherds Pie...adapting a recipe from Danny Boome. It was really good...if I do say so, myself!!

Jason whipped up a family favorite, Potato-Ham Casserole. It's ALWAYS a crowd pleaser...

Heidi made this yummy Cilantro-Avocado Potato Salad...which I was REALLY excited about because it's a potato salad recipe that I actually didn't already have!!

And last, but certainly not least, Angel made her Ranch Mashed Potatoes...which are yummy and easy and amazing!!

We all had really full and satisfied tummys afterwards...and really full and satisfied hearts, too...after getting to hang and chat with our girlfriends and enjoy each others company!!

Heidi is the next hostess...her secret ingredient is LEMON!!

Next Iron Chef...THIS lady is hosting...and I hope she has a better turn-out...although I think maybe she won't mind another gathering like the one we just had!!

Until then, fellow foodies!!

Allez Cuisine!!

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