Friday, January 1, 2010

Our New Cat, Jay

In the last post, I showed a picture of our new cat, Jay...but I haven't introduced him yet...

Savannah wanted a cat for Christmas. She has been asking for almost a year, and has tried to prove her responsibility by caring for Sniffles, Brighams hamster, at every opportunity. After much discussion and pleading (on my part), Jason caved and said she could have a cat for Christmas.

So, on Christmas morning, Savannah found cat food, litter, and a litter box under the tree with a note that said: "Tomorrow we will go to the Humane Society and pick out a cat>"

She could barely wait. She was up at dawn, dressed and with hair and teeth brushed, and sitting primly by the front door.

So off we went to the Humane Society.

We headed straight for the Cattery...

We interviewed three cats...all seemed very comfortable with kids and noise. But THIS guy, named Jay, came in the room, looked at each child, and then went and jumped on Savannah's lap. She looked at me and said: "I want THIS one, Mama."
And so it was settled.
Meet Jay.

He was tolerant of loving hugs from little boys...definitely a PLUS.

But seemed particularly fond of Savannah's sweet nature.

Jay has some issues. He has an Upper Respiratory Infection that prevents him from getting fixed, so he has that super-strong, yucky Tomcat smell to him. In a couple weeks, he'll hopefully be better and can have his little operation. For now, he's sneezing and wheezing and his eyes are swollen and all he wants to do is SLEEP.
Poor guy.
He is a Hemingway...meaning he has an extra toe on each looks like he's wearing mittens. Hemingway cats are supposed to be lucky...and I guess he is, because he was so sick that if he had stayed at the Humane Society, they would've had to put him down. So we quite literally saved his life.
And he is still friendly and sweet, and loves to snuggle up to people,and loves sleeping on either Savannah's or Mamas bed.

He's quite a handsome guy, too...don't you think? So welcome a new family that loves you...

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