Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iron Chef Miami: December 2009

It's that time again...and THIS time, our little Iron Chef group was having a PARTY!!! It IS the holidays, after all, and our theme WAS chocolate...and you know what they say:

Woman cannot live on chocolate alone.

Although we beg to differ, we did decide to have some party food at our December Iron Chef competition.

(Beware that Buffalo Cheese dip in front...it is SERIOUSLY addicting)

We love talking and chatting together...its what makes Iron Chef fun. Below are Melodee, Valeria, newcomer Giselle, Tina, and newcomer Bobbi!!
The chocolate contestants looked AWESOME...

Oh my!! This is going to be a HARD competition!!

Heidi brought delicious brownies....

And I made Peppermint Bark...

Melodee made this fabulous chocolate cake...so moist!!

Valeria made delectable little bon-bons!

Giselle made chocolate-dipped Key Lime Pie!! How very Floridian!!!

Tina made two entries...this luscious chocolate ganache torte with raspberry sauce (which actually won first prize)...

And this creamy chocolate mousse dip with strawberries...

Let the judging begin!!!!

Tina won, but she has won before...so she conceded to second place Valeria for her bon-bons!!! Congratulations Valeria!!!!

After stuffing ourselves with chocolate...we had a White Elephant Gift Exchange. It was so much fun!!! I won a frame and a lava lava!! HURRAY!!!

I LOVE Iron Chef. It is SO MUCH FUN!! You can click on the links to get the recipes...hope you enjoy as much as we did!!
Stay tuned for January...where the theme is "cheese".

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