Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweetie-Pie Savannah Turns 9!!!

With all the chaos of the last several weeks...with vacation, my surgery, and our landlord losing our house to foreclosure... not to mention the normal Countdown to's very easy to forget that my Sweetie-Pie Savannah was having a birthday.

We wanted to have a swim party in our pool, like we did for Joseph...but the association changed the gate codes, and with our landlord in foreclosure, they would not re-issue us new keys. So then I tried to have the party in Sunset Lakes pool, with one of my friends "sponsoring" the shin-dig...but Sunset Lakes changed their pool policy to allowing each resident only 4 additional guests, which is DEFINITELY not enough for a party.

Come to think of it...that's not even enough for MY family...

So as you can see...the drama is infecting every area of our lives...

I was really worried about not being able to have a party for Savannah...I already feel so bad about my kids having to move and change schools and wards and leaving all their friends. It's almost worse that it is something that I cannot control...a poor choice made by someone else that causes my kids to makes me feel helpless that I can't prevent or protect my kids from greedy people. Anyway - I didn't want Savannah to miss her birthday because of this fiasco, too.

Then, my very good-good-sweet-sweet friend Tina offered to let us use her pool in her new home. I was really hesitant to take advantage of someone like that...but in the end her kindness (and my lack of viable options) won out and I conceded.

We had a GREAT time. It really was the perfect pool party...
...the kids swam and swam...
...there were enough kids to have friends for every age group, and the adults got to sit in the shade and munch on watermelon and Subway sandwiches and chat for a few hours. Instead of cake, we had lots and lots of Popsicles, which was PERFECT for a hot hot jungle day. Savannah got some great gifts...things to wear...things to make...things to use...she felt VERY special.

She REALLY wanted a cat for her birthday...but with the move and everything...she got her second choice...her VERY OWN CAMERA!!! She is already taking pictures and has decided to start blogging (like mother, like daughter). You can check her out at: Tropical Peaches

After the party, she got to go play at her friend Kyeli's for the rest of the afternoon (while I went and shopped for a new washer and dryer).

We are still waiting for Yaya's gift...which we know to be another AMAZING quilt...I guess I'll have to post about that later.

I have seen so many changes recently in Savannah as she grows. A lot have to do with independence...she wants her own room, and wants to express her own style. She gets frustrated about the four-year-old shadow that imitates her every step...I try to explain it's hero worship...but Savannah just wants to be her own girl. It's funny that she gets so frustrated with Nicolette "copying" her, and yet she imitates Kaitlyn more and more every day. She is much more conscious about her appearance...taking care to match earrings to outfits, and completely thrilled to be wearing a *gasp* training bra.

(She had Kyelis Mom and Dad, Ms. Bobbi and Mr. Niel, in stitches at dinner the other night as she explained to Kyeli, who is a couple years younger than Savannah, that she was growing up and had to wear a training bra now. When Kyeli asked if she could wear a training bra, Savannah said something like: "Well, first you have to grow in certain areas, and then you get one". The funny thing is that Savannah IS NOT growing in those areas...yet...but I started wearing a bra in 4th grade, so when we went uniform shopping, I tried one on Savannah. At first, she was all embarrassed and affronted. But after we left, she kept asking and asking about when she would get her bras. She bugged me so much that I told Jason that I was just going to go buy her some so she'd stop. So the fact that she really feels like she NEEDS them is hilarious to us).

She still LOVES Scouts and doing projects...she loves keeping journals and has already taking a whole bunch of pictures. Maybe she'll also be like Kaitlyn in that area? Who knows? She still has the sunniest smile, and is still always the first to help out around the house. Now she is more into learning how to be "grown-up"...from clothes and make-up (don't worry...she only wears lip gloss), to learning to cook and sew... she loves to sing and dance, rocking out to Hannah Montana, Taylor swift, the Jo Bros, and Demi is fun to watch Savannah grow and try new things and new ways of being...

no matter what...she'll always be my "Peaches"...sweeter than sweet to the very last bit...

...Happy Birthday, baby!!!


Mel said...

Check her out at????

Savannah said...

Sorry...I ahd to get her all set up...its Tropical Peaches at

Mel said...

Thanks. It's great!