Sunday, May 3, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame...

I feel so very popular!!! There is a web-site I follow, called Nicole's Nickels. Nicole is AWESOME at compiling really honest-to-goodness money-makers and savers from the Internet. Stuff like giveaways that are FOR REAL, surveys that actually PAY YOU, as well as coupons and offers from stores!! She always has a lot of fun stuff!!

On Friday, she posts the top 10 Giveaways of the Week...and guess who she mentioned? ME!!! Check it out!!

I was gone all weekend at Girl Scout Camporee (more on that later), and came home to lots more entries...which I realize that many of you might not appreciate, 'cause it makes the prizes harder to win...but I'm excited!!! My kids will be more excited for me once I get over my enthusiasm and hop in the shower...apparently I am difficult to recognize under a weekends worth of dirt, sweat, dust, and grime. Who knew?

Anyway - just so you know...the contest ends on May if you haven't entered is your chance!! $25 of FREE GODIVA CHOCOLATE could be in your hands soon!!

1 comment:

Mel said...

I didn't really need to win the chocolate anyway. I gained 4 pounds this month, so I'm back to being strict with Weight Watchers.