Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Week (Day)...Hurray!!!

I remember when we celebrated the Earth one day a year.

Now we celebrate it for a week.

Now, I lean pretty far right when it comes to my political associations. But there are quite a few things that I am decidedly liberal on...and one of those issues is the one regarding our environment. I support organizations like The Surfrider Foundation, and the World Wildlife Fund (also here). For a long time, I contributed to Greenpeace and The Sierra Club. As I've gotten older, I've realized that all things require compromise...for example, I am for offshore drilling...but only with the strictest environmental regulations permittable.

My family recycles. We try to remember to turn off lights, and turn off the water when we brush our teeth, and I am a REALLY MEAN MOM and make my kids ride their bikes to school...which helps reduce our gas consumption AND gives them valuable outdoor time and exercise. I also REALLY TRY to buy products made in the USA or from local organic farmers.

(It's too bad that those products are SO DARN EXPENSIVE...or I might be able to do more. But it's pretty hard to stand on that particular soapbox when you're feeding 7 people. Full bellies come before natural, pesticide/herbicide free, locally grown tomatoes. Sorry - but it's true.)

But, more importantly than ALL these things, is that my kids and I ENJOY NATURE...we GET EXPLORE and DISCOVER.

It makes me crazy to hear all this chatter about "going green", because if you're gonna take care of the Earth, you should at least know a little bit about her!! It's not about hoping on a bandwagon and waving a flag...I mean, I'm glad so many other people are aware...but I am sick of the hypocrisy...

The world is a magical, beautiful, glorious place...and a lot of people plant their butts in front of TVs and computers and video games and never get out to see it.

You'll love your world a lot more if it's not just something that you see in photographs.

So, go hiking.

Observe wildlife.

Explore a nature preserve.

Catch a sunrise...

...Or a sunset.

Get involved.

Don't just spout off about how you're "going green"...go out and actually live like you love what you've been blessed with. It doesn't have to cost money. A walk with your kids around your neighborhood would be a great start.

And have a happy Earth Day (Week).

Love - Shannan

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