Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brighams New Best Friend

In all the craziness and stress of last week - I never got around to telling you about Brighams' special surprise birthday present.

Well - it wasn't REALLY a surprise...because Brigham pretty much KNEW he was getting it, since it was the only thing he wanted...and he told ANYONE and EVERYONE who would lend him an ear all about it.

What Brigham wanted most for his birthday was a hamster.

He started talking about getting a hamster back in January. Between then and now, we did A LOT of hamster research. I have a little experience as I had a hamster for a pet when I was about Brigham's age (he was a brown and white Teddy Bear hamster that I named "Fudge Jumble").

On the actual day of Brigham's birthday, March 16, we went out to dinner at Fuddruckers, and then took Brigham to the pet store to pick out a hamster. Brigham choose a darling little Russian black hamster. While in his little transport box, the hamster stuck his nose out of the little breathing holes and sniffed furiously. He went from one hole to another and back again, to the delight of all the kids. Brigham gleefully said: "It's like the game 'Whack a Mole!!'," which caused Jason and I to totally crack up. Because of the little hamsters sniffing, he was christened "Sniffles".

We already knew that we were leaving very early the next morning for California, so after we purchased everything we needed, we took Brig's new little buddy to our good friends', the Marlowes, who graciously agreed to hamster-sit while we were gone. They were an excellent foster family. Brigham called to check on Sniffles while we were in Cali, and the Marlowe's sent text messages and pictures of Sniffles doing various hamster-y things.

Brigham was SO excited to be home and be reunited with his hamster. He hasn't complained once about Sniffles noisy nightly runs on the wheel, and is trying to tame him to come out and hang out on his hands (without biting). We've even already had a moment when he got out of his hamster ball and got away, and after a entire family search effort, Sniffles and Brigham were tearfully reunited.

It's bound to be an adventure around here with Brigham AND keep posted for the many animal antics in this crazy jungle of ours!!

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Tiffany said...

lol! Is this the same hampster the Marlowe's baby sat for you guys?? I hear her kids loved it!