Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best Job In The World

Okay, friends and family...we need your help! We are applying for the best job in the be caretakers of The Great Barrier Reef in Australia for 6 months. We had to make a video interview that was only 60 seconds long that showed our family and our enthusiasm. Our good friend Melodee Cooper helped us (in exchange for dinner!! :)...and these are our videos...including our "mess-ups". The first didn't get past Jason...check it out!!

Island Reef Job Take 1

The next take stopped at a case of the giggles from Savannah. It's really cute...

Island Reef Job Take 2

The next take caught Joseph unawares as he tried to remember how to pronounce "records"...

Island Reef Job Take 3

This take was okay - but you could tell everyone was done. Brigham can't even stay still to finish, having to examine something on the floor half-way through. When he bends over, he displays my big 'ol belly (yes - I strategically placed the kids to hide my tummy) this take was obviously out...

Island Reef Job Take 4

And, finally, the final take that was our success...the video we uploaded with our application. Tell me what you think!!

Island Reef Job Take 5 (It's a wrap!)

So now that you've seen our video, I need your help. Comment on my blog your thoughts, and go to, or Goggle "Island Reef Job" and find our video. Rate it and view it as often as you can. E-mail your friends and get them to vote, too, to give us a chance to get this job and opportunity of a lifetime.

We're really excited about it, and hope you cheer us on!!


Dennis said...

Hope you get to go. We will come and visit you! Glad I taught you how to journal.Love Papa and Yaya

Mel said...

I still crack up at all the out-takes! :) That was so much fun to do, and I'm so glad that we were able to find a way to get it all put together. (Whew!) Let me know when the application is up and running so I can see it on the actual site and view/vote for it!

Sandy said...

I have always said that Shannon could find and adventure anywhere they lived. I just didn't expect the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Grandma Sandy