Monday, October 31, 2011

What I did for Halloween...

 Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just love it.

But this year caught me unawares and unguarded...

...I mean, here it is, October 31st...and I don't have a single decoration up. There are no Halloween cookies or pumpkin seed bark in the treat jars. I'm not hosting a pumpkin carving party. I am SERIOUSLY off my game.

Why? Well...I'm adjusting to a new Girl Scout schedule and program and lots of extra training...which has sucked up a lot of my free time.

And I'm dealing with kids schedules becoming more hectic and involved that is sucking up even more free time...I spend a LOT of time driving people around, lately.

And the last bit of my free time has been devoted to getting ready to run a race.

I wanted to run a half-marathon, and Miami hosts a Halloween Half Marathon that looked like lots of fun (lots of great people-watching and costumes). I thought running my first half-marathon on the weekend of my favorite holiday would be the BEST way to celebrate!!

I trained really hard, but in the end, I struggled...not so much with the course or the length...but with my own feelings of insecurity and self-worth.

After all, running is 90% mental...and if your head is tripping you out, you're going to suffer.

When I was finally able to shut up my inner demons, I actually had a really good time. My pace wasn't great...but I made new friends, enjoyed beautiful scenery and fun people, and I know at my next race my time will improve because I know that I won't have to battle the same issues.

I can only share some of my photos...because the cord that connects my camera to the computer has mysteriously disappeared. But here is a sampling of my race!!

This is me at 6:30am...excited and ready to run!!

Almost there!! WHEW!!

It's the ".1" that really kills you...

Hot, sweaty, and DONE!!! With my cool glow-in-the-dark medal!!

Jason survived, too!!

Some of the GREAT costumes we saw...

This was my favorite!! "Caw-caw!! Caw-caw!!"

This 80's-themed work-out couple finished the race in style...with him proposing to her at the finish line!!

This guy just needs a bikini wax...seriously...

So I wasn't in costume...but I still had a GREAT time!! And it will be my most memorable Halloween EVER!!

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