Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iron Chef Pembroke Pines: September 2011 - Peanut Butter!!

 I am really super-duper behind on my posts...partly because I'm trying to figure out how to take photos from my camera and upload them into my photo files without them becoming teeney-tiny little thumbnails.

So far, I've been unsuccessful.

But until then, I will try and keep current with what is happening NOW!! And one of the things that just happened was the start of another season of Iron Chef Pembroke Pines!!

The secret ingredient was peanut butter. I hosted...which means there was a low turn-out ("Are you un-poopular? Do you pop out at parties?"...Name that redheaded comedic genius)...but we had a fabulous time and got to enjoy some wonderful food.

And best of all...I had a marvelous excuse to make my yummy Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Fudge Cupcakes.

Sinfully divine...and worth each and every 632 calories per cupcake.

I first made these babies for my birthday...

They were a HUGE hit. Especially with me. So it was a total no-brainer to make them again. They're even fun to make...there are several steps...but my favorite is when I get to actually "stuff" the cupcakes with the luscious peanut butter buttercream frosting...

It might have something to do with the slightly messy nature of it...because if it gets all over my hands...that means that later, I get to lick them clean :)

I know...I'm naughty, huh?

Angel also brought a dessert...some rich and decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars.

Sherie AND Heather both channeled Asian cusine and brought noodle dishes. They were both very different...Heathers was more peanut-y...and had fresh veggies on top. I seem to have misplaced the recipe soon as I find it, I will post.

And Sheries had this fantastic spicy element to it, thanks to the addition of chile oil. I absolutely loved it...

It was called Udon Peanut Butter Noodles. I highly recommend it.

So we sat around and chatted and ate...laughed and joked...and had a marvelous time. I always really look forward to Iron Chef...besides great food, it's just some much-needed girl time with friends.

Until next month...

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