Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

I don't think there is any more highly anticipated day in a child's life than Christmas Day.

The day the Bog Man in Red descends upon every house and passes judgement on those within...Naughty? or Nice?

My children were apparently especially Nice this year, as Christmas morning dawned to reveal a stacked tree and stuffed stockings...all of which the kids could SEE from upstairs...but could not yet touch!!
I remember peeking down the stairs as a child with my sister...begging my parents to get up at 4am, and them telling us we had to wait until AT LEAST which we would camp outside their door and whisper back and forth excitedly about the size, shape, and quantity of gifts we could spy from upstairs. We did this until we were grown...I remember being 16 and laying on my stomach to get the best view of under the tree.
Now I delight in prolonging my children's anticipation the same way my parents tortured...I mean

Brigham has been asking for a Lionel Train Coin Bank for more than 3 years. So should I wonder at the fact that after a whole day begging coins off brothers and sisters and checking under couch cushions and in car ashtrays...he was bored with it and was asking which of his brothers or sisters wanted it?
I don't get kids today...too much instant gratification...not enough appreciation...
The punk...

Santa brought a BIG family gift this year...a new TV and a Blue-Ray Home Theater!! SWEET!!!

Of course, Dad spent all day setting it up. But strangely enough...stuff like that makes him happy...

Jason and I got each other the SAME gift...NEW PHONES!!! Hurray!!!

Nicolette got Barbie bath toys and a HUGE box of art supplies...hopefully she'll use them on PAPER and not on my walls.

Both Joseph and Brigham got these HUGE building sets that make a marble maze. Joseph spent 3 days putting his together. Brigham spent 3 minutes, decided it was too hard, put it in its' bin, and hasn't touched it since.
Need I say it again? PUNK!!!!

So we all had a lovely Christmas. We miss Kate, who is spending Christmas with her Dad in Cali. She'll have to open her gifts when she gets home. But other than that little black was great!!
Now to go and try and convince that PUNK o' mine to actually LIKE his gifts...

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