Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starting a New Scout Year

The start of a new school year means the start of a new Scout year.

I have been serving as the Palm Springs Ward Cub Master for almost a year, now...and I LOVE working with the Scouts. One of the saddest parts about me moving is that I will no longer have that calling. I have committed to stay with the pack until the end of September...hopefully giving me time to finish projects that I started earning with "my boys", but also time to train a replacement.

This week is our first Pack Meeting of the new Scout Year, and we're starting things off by having a party...a POOL PARTY!! Yeah!!!

This year, my Girl Scout Troop has graduated to the Junior level of Scouting. We started off the year last week by starting to earn their first Junior badge...the Pet Care badge. The girls brought their pets to the troop meeting and presented them to their fellow Girl Scouts. They had to research their pet...finding out about it's ancestry and traits, calculating the cost of caring for it, diseases that it may contract, etc. etc. They really did a great job researching and presenting. They also had to commit to care for their pet for 2 weeks, and record the activities they did and the amount of time each activity took.

Then, the other night, we met at Pet Supermarket, and the girls had to go inside and pick their dream pet, and then find out about everything they needed to care for it and what each item cost. They had a GREAT time at Pet Supermarket...they got to hold kittens, ferrets, and parrots...see reptiles and fish up close and personal, and go on an imaginary shopping trip for their dream pet. Afterwards, we hopped across the street to Chik Fil'A for a treat. The girls had a great time!!

Abi and Oriana meet a parrot...

Amanda talks to Ms. Karen about Angelfish. Kaliayah told Ms. Karen that she looked like Kim Kardashian...but with shorter hair!!

Jessica poses by a particularly cutie-pie bunny rabbit...

...while Oriana is more intersted in the ferrets...

watch Out, Amanda!! You have an African Grey Parrot on your head!!

Danya and Kalaiyah meet and greet our colorful little friend...

Not to be outdone, Savannah and Katherine try out Parrot love, too...Savannah got a GREAT shot of the parrot kissing Amanda on the cheek!! You'll have to check it out on her blog at Tropical Peaches .

We had the COOLEST associate helping us out...she answered questions, let us hold pets, and was enthusiastic about letting the girls learn!!

Savannah got up close and personal with a fuzzy ferret...she didn't like their musky odor!!

All the girls really loved petting the kittens...

It's so great to see both my Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts growing and achieving. I think Scouting is such a great program...there is so much to see and learn and do!! I'm really excited about this years Scouting adventures!!

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Heidi said...

You are an awesome troop leader. Danya is so lucky! That was a very fun field trip. We are looking forward to a GREAT year!