Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have You Read...

I became a follower of a new blog the other day...

This new blog belongs to a friend of mine named Connie. Connie is a stay-at-home Mom of 5 kids, married to an awesome Hawaiian guy named Sione. They live in the Las Vegas area,where he works as an educator.

Connie joined the blogging world about 3 days ago...and has written 3 blog posts. Her blog is called "My Political Opinions".


I always knew that Connie was cool. I always knew she was smart...and compassionate...and friendly...and creative...and lots of other good things. She is, after all, my friend. And as I've stated before, I have VERY good taste in friends.

But I just never realized how POWERFUL Connie was. I mean...I feel a little humble after reading her blogs.

That might partially be explained by the fact that I have to have an open dictionary in front of me to get through her posts. I haven't had to refer to reference material when reading something for pleasure since high school. So then some might say that reading her blog isn't pleasurable...but I say, Nay...I get up from the computer and feel...fulfilled.


And a hell of a lot smarter.

So hey...if you get a chance...head on over to Connies blog. And bring your dictionary.

You'll be glad you did.

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Marlowe Mania said...

Thanks for sharing Shannan...she is truly gifted with expression... I enjoyed her articles and have to say that I agree with her viewpoint.