Friday, July 17, 2009

Confessions of a Jungle Survival Guide


I have a confession to make...

Blogging just isn't any fun anymore.

Why? you ask?

Because I don't have a camera...that's why.

I mean, I took pictures of the AWESOME Fourth of July picnic we went to on my daughters camera (which I hate)...and then I had to send it to her in California before I could download them. So then I used a couple disposable cameras with the thought that I would scan them after they were developed. But our printer isn't working (more on that in a second), and then I left BOTH CAMERAS on a bench in Disneyland last week (one full and then other half full)...and of course they were gone when I went back for them. And Lost and Found had a BUCKET of cameras identical to mine, all lost that day...and I was too stupid to have labeled the cameras with my I had no idea which was mine, and they wouldn't let me take the whole bucket.

(Yes - I really did ask if I could, offering to pinky-swear that I would develop all 50 cameras and return any that weren't mine. The guy looked at me like I was nuts, decided I must've been joking, and started laughing. He stopped abruptly at the desperate "I've-just-spent-15-hours-walking-around-a-theme-park-with-four-small-children-who-alternate-between-starving-exhausted-and-souvenir-deprived-monsters-on-the-hottest-day-to date-in-Southern-California-on-the-first-day-of-my-period-and-I-want-my-damn-photographic-proof" look in my eye).

Needless to say - I left empty-handed.

So now I'm in Utah...I have no pictures of going to Disneyland, OR the San Diego Zoo, OR the beach (WHICH, by the way, was a TOTAL TRIP to my kids...who had no clue that the ocean can be cold, or have waves. Some of my best pictures are of Brigham turning blue as we crammed him into a wetsuit, and of the delighted look on my kids faces as they took boogie boards out to sea...not to float on, but to actually RIDE), OR the wedding, OR my nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Its all lost. Just pictures in my head.

I'm so depressed, that I haven't bought another throw-away camera either. So although we've already been hiking up to GORGEOUS Cedar Breaks...I have no pictures of THAT either.

"But, Shannan!" I hear you protest. "Your camera drowned MONTHS ago!! And you've been writing about your search for the perfect camera, and how excited you are. Why on earth haven't you replaced it yet?"

Well...yes, loyal readers (all two of you)...I HAVE been writing about that! But this is a good time to share a lesson on Life with you...

Life Happens While You're Making Other Plans.

And so it is that my husband decided that purchasing a new computer was more important than a new camera. And that he doesn't even want the OLD computer thrown out...oh no!!! He wants TWO computers. And a whole new Internet service thingy that is so complicated that someone has to come to our house and professionally SET IT the meantime...we have NO WORKING COMPUTER IN MY HOME, and no printer, or scanner, or ANYTHING. We just have a bunch of technical crap littering our already crowded home and making it impossible to sit anywhere and chill out. And my husband is spending money like he won the lottery and I'm left wondering: "Where is the guy that used to chastise me for buying name brand mac 'n' cheese instead of generic? Where is the guy who lived by the frugal saying: 'Use it up, Wear it out, Make it work, or Do without?' Is this midlife crisis? Am I coming home to a buxom blonde in a negligee making Lobster Thermadore in my kitchen? Will there be a Porsche in the driveway? Should I stay in Utah?"

Yes...I'm a little melodramatic this evening. I miss my camera. I miss my old husband. I miss blogging.

What say you? Will you still read me without photos? Will there be anything cool to spend 5 minutes of your day perusing? Will my husband return to normal?

Sulking in South Utah...

Shannan the Jungle Survival Guide


Mel said...

When I was a teenager, we took a HUGE vacation to Southern California, Disneyland, etc. It was BIG for us, the family of 8, struggling in a house with one bathroom. Anyway, after a fantastic vacation and many pictures, my mom found out her camera was broken. All four or more rolls of film she'd taken (she LOVES pictures) were black. We have no pictures. Not one. It sucks. I'm sorry. I feel your pain. You need to get a new camera soon!

Johnston Family said...

I have some pics of the trip, though they are limited because I forgot my camera's battery charger. So awesome. Anyways, if you want what I've got, let me know and we can figure out a way to share. :) I will also get my parent's and sister's pics together for you too.