Sunday, March 15, 2009

Name That Blog Winner!!


I have some clever friends.

They just don't know it.

Every person that responded to my request (and especially those that received my "guilt trip" letter after NOT responding) started off their response with a variation of this line: "Weelll...I'm not very creative, but..."

I started getting kind of frustrated...because I think all my friends are amazing. I mean - I totally don't choose stupid friends. And I KNEW they were all VERY creative. And I knew they could think of very clever and wonderful names.

But even though THEY think they are sub-par in the creativity department...they still came up with some VERY cute names.

So I'm going to share them, and you'll see how creative they are, too.

Summer School Safari (was easily the most popular...5 people thought of it.)
Jungle Journals
Tribal Teacher
Teaching the Tribe
Tropical Tutor
The Jungle Books
TRain Forest
Ecosystem Instruction
Summer Survivor
Johnson Jungle Jamboree
Jungle Jubilee
Learning with Lemurs
Sunshine School
Shannans Summer Soiree
J-Crew Schoo is Coo
Jungle Expeditions
Jungle Excursions
Tribal Teachings
Natives in Training
Not So Naive Natives
Jungle Ed 101

So we voted as a family, in several rounds...and the winner IS....

Summer School Safari!!!

My PERSONAL favorites were:

Teaching the Tribe,
Tropical Tutor, and
Learning with Lemurs

ALL THE ENTRIES WERE GREAT!!! And since SO MANY of you picked "Summer School Safari"...there are lots of you who are getting my undying gratitude!!

So thanks and congratulations to: Melodee Cooper, Don Bennett, Hiedi Tyler, Alyson Johnson, and Mikayli Marlowe!!!

I'll have the site up and running soon - so keep your eyes open for a new link on my blog!!!

- Shannan

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Mel said...

You forgot to mention that I never prefaced my suggestions by saying I didn't think they were clever!

I'm so glad to be one of the recipients of your undying gratitude! I like the name, too! Can't wait to see more.