Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Name That Blog Contest...

Okay - for the, like, 5 people that actually READ my blog...

(Wait - I hope there's more than that, and the rest of you just aren't leaving comments...)

Most of you know that I opened a sister-site with some recipes on it that I'd thought I'd like to share. They're not special or anything, but I'm always on the hunt for something new to do in the kitchen (I get bored easily), and I thought that there might be others out there...looking for new stuff to try...


I wanted to do ANOTHER sister-site, but with my Summer School lesson plans attached. I will post what we did last year, and get the stuff on I have planned for THIS year...

I'm really excited about it (again - not that's it's super-amazing, over-the-top special stuff, just that I like to share. And, apparently, I feel that I don't spend ENOUGH time on the computer...)

I only have ONE problem...

I don't know what to name the site.

I've talked to my mom, and my husband. I want it to go along with the "Jungle" theme...I like words like: "Safari", "Tribal", Understory"...etc.

But I am completely STUCK.

So - I thought I'd put it out to all of you. What do YOU think I should name this site?

I'll take everyone's ideas and post them and put them to a vote in my family, and the winner will get...my undying gratitude.

(Sorry - I'm not one of those big websites that has sponsored contests. But I hope you still send me ideas, anyway!!)

So put on your thinking caps, people!!!

I'm eagerly anticipating your FABULOUS ideas!!!


Mel said...

Ok. I'll go first. How about:

Summer School Safari
Jungle Journals
Tribal Teacher/Teaching the Tribe
Tropical Tutor
The Jungle Books
TRain Forest
Ecosystem Instruction

That's a start. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what the new name will be and who will win your gratitude!

ShannanJ said...

I also e-mailed this out...but I have to copy and paste responses into my comments. So I'm not commenting on my own blog...I'm just sharing ideas from other people...

Here's one from my friend Mitzi Capote in Miami, Florida...

"Hey, here are my thoughts....

What about "Survivor" maybe, Summer Survivor or Kitchen Survivor or Survivor Florida...take a look at the show they have a lot of tribe names related to the jungle theme you are looking for, maybe you find something..... good luck =)


AND...here is one from my brother-in-law, LT Don Bennett (proof that men read blogs, too), who is somewhere on the other side of the world on the battleship USS Boxer. He replied with:

"Dear Shannan,

I am not sure what you should name it but I would try something like SummerLifeSupport ? Not anything fancy like SummerSchoolSafari although that sounds pretty good too.

Thanks for keeping in touch.


As I get more, I'll post them in the comments...


ShannanJ said...

Some more from my e-mail...first from Kristi, a friend from Allen, Texas...

"Sorry I didn’t reply, I just figured there were other “more creative” people out there than me. The only thing I thought of was JohnsonJungleLearningJamboree or JohnsonJungleSummerJubilee. Pretty lame….I know.


P.S. Guilt trips really work!"

And then from Heidi, a friend from here in Miami:

"Actually, this friend is pretty uncreative. I really did think about it, but I know I have to think of something great for someone as creative as yourself. I thought of Summer Safari, or Explorations. So those are my contributions, underwhelming at best!

Go nuts and have fun with your planning!
See you tomorrow am.

...and finally, from my youngest contestant, the adorable Mikayli, daughter of my dear friend Michelle, here in Miami:

I think I have one, "Safari Summer School." Mikayli"

Julie said...


So I'm totally guilted and ashamed not to have replied earlier, but I'm a bit fried from life so I apologize and my ideas may be a bit fried as well but here goes:)
Learning with lemurs
The Sunshine school
Shannan's summer soire
The J-crew schoo is coo
Sorrym that's all I got. Good Luck, let us know how it goes:)

ShannanJ said...

Another from e-mail...from my good friend Alyson in Parker, Texas...

"Okay you, I have a few free seconds so here goes - Jungle Expeditions/Excursions ( I guess that would be more for like field trips or fun places to go), What about Tribal Teachings, Natives in Training, Not So Naive Natives, Summer Safari, Jungle Ed 101, that's about all I've got right now.

I just read your blog about Joseph. I tried to leave a comment, but I have to have a google ID and I don't so it wouldn't work, sorry. You are such a great writer, I love reading all your stuff!

Take care, Alyson"