Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun at the Jungle

I have a confession to make.
I am a bad mother.

I know many of you will disagree...but I am posting two new blogs today that will prove otherwise. In this first blog, I am going to confess that over Winter Break, I allowed my children to spend 4 days in a row in the SAME PAIR OF PAJAMAS (yup - that means no baths, and no clean underwear), and do nothing but watch movies, play video games on the Wii, and further waste time on-line with their new Webkinz. On top of that - I didn't fix any real food. Not once. we ate cold cereal, and potato chips, and those little cocktail pigs-in-a-blanket. We devoured two separate cheese balls and at least four boxes of crackers.

After four days, I looked in the mirror and saw that my complexion had become sallow and unhealthy. I looked at my children as they sprawled lazily and filthy across the couch and floor, and I saw that their eyes were glazed over and their tummies were hanging out over the elastic bands of the jammies. And, thankfully, I felt the tug of consciousness, and the sting of regret...and I leapt up and announced:

"C'mon, punks!! We're going out today!!"

I was met with hissing and gnashing of teeth as I threw up the blinds and allowed the gorgeous December sunlight to flood the dark recesses of the living room. And they actually threw their arms over their faces to shield themselves from the on-slaught of fresh air as I pulled up the windows. They moaned and groaned as I literally peeled their disgusting jammies from their stinky little bodies and shoved them in the shower. They cringed from the soap and shampoo. They glared balefully at me when I placed hot oatmeal in front of them, and protested loudly when I wouldn't allow them to drown it in syrup and brown sugar.
(above: this is what my children resembled after 4 days of nothing but TV and junk food)
Yes - I was a detested woman. A traitor of the good life.

But after a couple hours of rebellious muttering and mutinous grumbling, I was able to pile them in the car and head out to Jungle Island, where we have an annual membership. We only stayed a couple hours, and only visited our favorite the Manu Encounter, where you get up close and personal with macaws and monkeys and iguanas; or the Tale of the Tiger Show and Flights of Wonder show. Then I stopped at the gift shop and let them all pick out a souvenir...for the first (and last) time. They all picked out new stuffed friends...Joseph got a snake named "Tiger", Savannah picked a tiger named "India", Brigham choose a white tiger named "Winter", and Nicolette christened her Golden Tabby Tiger "Fluffy".
When we got home, I saw my children had color in their cheeks again, and a bounce in their steps. And their tummies didn't look so swollen. And instead of resuming their empty stares at the TV, they took their new friends out to jump on the trampoline.

And I actually made dinner.
What do you know? Miracles never cease...

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