Monday, September 29, 2008

Nicolette's Birthday

I am officially the worst mom EVER.

The 24th was Nicolette's birthday. For the last year, she's been completely unsatisfied with being a toddler...insisting every day that she wants to "grow up". Her birthday FINALLY rolled around, and we had the day planned with a visit to Daddy's restaurant and then on to make her very own Build-A-Bear (just like her BIG brothers and sisters)...and I....I....(I can't say it)....*sigh*....I FORGOT THE CAMERA!!!!

I know! I know!! How can any self-respecting mom, journalist, and scrapbooker make such an egregious error on the MOST IMPORTANT DAY in her youngest child's year?!?!

What makes it worse is that it isn't the first time. In fact...I have forgotten the camera for EVERY SINGLE ONE of Nicolette's birthdays since she was 2. So, although I take pictures of her the next day with her spoils, I don't have a single picture in three years of her blowing out candles, ripping off wrapping paper...and especially not this time of her creating (with absolute joy) her very own best friend.

I could cry.

Here are the pictures of her "morning after my birthday". And as you peruse them, feel free to mutter under your breath: "Loser".

Here we see Nicolette with her new best friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop, Ballerina Bear (whom requires kisses and hugs every night and morning from mom...despite all her failings as a mother. Above is her listening to her new Dora radio from Yaya and Papa.

Here we see three of Nicolettes presents from Yaya and Papa...her new favorite headwear...Dora ponytail holders, her new Dora radio, and a thing with a ga-gillion pieces that is kinda like "Littlest Pet Shop", but is "Cabbage patch" instead. Did I mention the ga-gillion little pieces?

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Courtney said...

Ah, I feel that this is the plight of all last-born children across the globe...not the failure of a mother...loser (JK!) :) Happy Birthday Nicolette...did you remind her that this has to be the LAST one for awhile because she is getting big TOO FAST!