Friday, September 5, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

There. I said it.

I guess in 5 days we'll know for sure, right? Will it shift north like Hanna? Or south and into the Gulf like Gustav? I mean - how lucky can South Florida be, right? No major hurricanes since Rita in 2005...everything going into the Gulf towards Texas, Louisianna, or over to Belize last year. Remember that? Belize got hit with something like three or four Cat 5 Monsters. It was practically leveled.

Kinda like poor Haiti now. There are people on tops of their roofs screaming for help there. They've been there for two days, and rescue workers can't get to them. In three storms, in three weeks, they've lost over 130 people. The mountainous island is so deforested that the muddy hills are just falling back into the ocean, taking peoples lives along the way.

So I don't wish for Ike to go South...poor Haiti. They've had enough. And Ike is a Cat 4 - a Monster Storm. Organized. Lethal. And moving fast. But I don't really want it HERE, either.

Look at the 5-day track. If you squint, you can see my house. Its between the last dash and the letter H on Wednesday. I'm waving at you!! See me?!?!

"HI!! Send your prayers!! And a helicopter!!"

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