Thursday, August 28, 2008

Savannahs Birthday

Shes so easy. She gives without requirement. She often gets passed over in a home with 4 other demanding children. So I guess that's why I was so surprised when it happened. I was too busy to see her...growing and stretching, maturing quietly like a soft, almost liquid, flower. A delicate and tender orchid, unassumingly thriving in the shade of so many other more boisterous and vibrant flowers that crowd for the sun in this jungle. Her spotlight so often eclipsed by someone elses need - she never complains, but takes each little glimmer that manages to escape the greedy horde above and below into her bosom, to feed and develope until, unexpectedly, she outshines them all.

My sweet, sweet Savannah...shy, luminous lady orchid of the jungle shadows, passion flower on the vine, red spikes needing nothing but air to thrive, curling tendril of fern from the forest in the details, in the secret places, like long lost treasure found. Eyes green as jade. Hair streaked with amber sunlight. Skin golden and smooth. Smile sweeter and more valuable than a cavern of priceless gems.

She is eight years old...quite suddenly. A major life achievement in our family and our faith. Yet she chose to celebrate quietly. A simple dinner. A family outing. And most importantly, a beautiful baptism. She invited her school teacher...a non-member, who graciously attended. The first person in our family to be a missionary.

My sweet, sweet Savannah. What other surprises do you have in store?

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